Kimberly Baishnab RDN, LD, CLS

Hey there! I’m Kim, a registered dietitian! I help parents confidently teach their babies and toddlers to eat so they can raise a happy eater, manage stress and ENJOY meals with their kiddos. My unique approach to kids’ nutrition uses the “division of responsibility” philosophy, along with elements of responsive feeding and intuitive eating. From 1-1 coaching to group programs to cooking workshops, we will find the best fit to get you the help you need. Let’s schedule a free quick chat and see how I can serve you!

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Kim took the time to get to know our specific needs and concerns - and we were able to talk through each and every one of them with her. We were introduced to a lot of strategies and tools we would have not considered if it wasn’t for working with Kim - all of which work with our specific lifestyle. We started the process very worried about a variety of things and we left with confidence that we can raise happy, healthy eaters! We would definitely recommend working with Kim if you have any questions or concerns relating to your child’s diet or eating habits!