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Kim's Story

We all have a food story, and the beautiful thing is no two food stories are the same. What has impacted your taste, food habits, flavor passions, and food fears makes the story uniquely yours. 

I am a registered dietitian and certified lactation specialist. I specialize in infant and child feeding (starting solids, picky eating, and everything in between!), cultural foods and culinary nutrition. I provide virtual nutrition counseling, programs, workshops, and evidence-based resources to help your whole family develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies.

More than that, I am a human being who has always struggled with living in my own skin, listening to my hunger and fullness, and enjoying exercise. No, I did not have a grand triumph and I don't have a juicy "before" and "after" shot - these are parts of me I have learned to live with and even embrace. I find overcoming your obstacles does not mean the grand transformation or becoming an entirely different person, but it does require you face yourself head-on and be open to change.  

My food story is full of uncertainty, re-writes, self-discovery, experimentation, and more diverse flavors than I can count. I use these things, along with my education and clinical experience, to help families dig deep into their greatest desires for their health and well-being and unearth a more wonderful future.

We all have a food story. I'd love to learn about yours, and maybe help you rewrite it. 

My Specialties

Starting Solids

Picky Eating

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning

Weight Management

Culture-Informed Nutrition Care



Registered Dietitian,

Licensed Dietitian

Requirements -

  - minimum of a bachelor’s degree

  - accredited internship including at least 1,200 hours of supervised practice

  - passing of a national board examination

  - maintenance of continuing education credits


Certificate of Training in Obesity in Pediatrics and Adults

Screenshot 2024-02-28 210910.png

Certified Lactation Specialist

Swiss Chard
Fresh Mangos

My Nutrition Philosophy

Evidence First


Gentle, Accessible, "Eat With Affection" Nutrition

Individualized Nutrition Support

Responsive Feeding + Responsive Eating

There are lots of opinions in the nutrition world, and it takes finesse to sort out the well-informed opinions from the noise. As a healthcare provider I first turn to the scientific evidence we have available to inform my care - and then use my clinical experience and the knowledgeable life experiences of clients to help fill in the gaps. 

Contrary to popular belief, nutrition and fitness are not the only factors which influence your weight, and they are not necessarily the most significant factors either. I approach body weight as ONE marker of health which helps us form an overall picture of your wellbeing. I commit to treating your whole person, not just the number on the scale. 

To reach optimal nutrition, sometimes nutrition can't be the center of attention! Every human has a close relationship with food, and like any close relationship in your life, it requires kindness, respect, time and effect to make it a happy, healthy one. My number one priority is improving your personal relationship with food and your body, whatever that looks like for you. 

Each unique body requires its own unique care. One reason why I practice 1-on-1 nutrition must be tailored to the individual to be effective and sustainable. 

While this principle is typically applied to infants, I extend it to feeding all children and even into adults feeding themselves. Responsive feeding simply means using the internal cues, body language, and words of the child (the eater) to inform when and how we eat - not imposing our own impulses or expectations on them. 

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