Eat with Affection / About Kim

Who is Kim?

Kimberly Baishnab RDN, LD, CLS is a registered dietitian nutritionist and certified lactation specialist, specializing in infant and child feeding (starting solids, picky eating, and everything in between!), cultural foods and culinary nutrition. Kimberly provides comprehensive online nutrition counseling, programs, and evidence-based resources to promote a positive relationship with food for everyone in your family. Kimberly is committed to providing individualized, effective, evidence-based nutrition care to parents and their families.

My Passions


Healing relationships with food through affectionate eating practices, cooking, and appreciation for the universal beauty of all foods


Supporting parents in raising well-nourished, adventurous eaters who LOVE food and listen to their bodies


Spreading skills in culturally competent cooking and supporting people of all cultures in their journeys to wellness

My Nutrition Philosophy

Gentle, Accessible, “Eat with Affection” Nutrition

To reach optimal nutrition, sometimes nutrition can’t be the center of attention! Every human has a close relationship with food, and like any close relationship in your life, it requires kindness, respect, time and effort to make it a happy, healthy one. My number one priority is improving your personal relationship with food and your body, whatever that looks like for you.

Evidence First

There are a lot of opinions in the nutrition world, and it takes finesse to sort out the well-informed opinions from the not-so-good ones. As a healthcare provider I first turn to the scientific evidence we have available to inform my care - and then use my clinical experience as well as the knowledgeable life experiences of clients to help fill in the gaps.


Contrary to popular belief, nutrition and fitness are NOT the only factors which influence your weight, and they’re not the most significant factors either! I approach body weight as ONE marker of health which helps us form an overall picture of wellbeing. I commit to treating your whole person, not just the number on the scale.

Responsive Feeding + Responsive Eating

While this principle is typically applied to infants, I extend it to feeding all children and even into adults feeding themselves. Responsive feeding simply means using the internal cues, body language, and words of the child (the eater) to inform when and how we feed - not imposing our own impulses or expectations on them.

Individualized Nutrition Support

Each unique body requires its own unique care. One reason why I practice 1-on-1 nutrition counseling is I believe nutrition must be tailored to the individual to be effective and sustainable.


Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Licensed Dietitian

Certified Lactation Specialist

Dietetic Internship, OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics (BS), Missouri State University