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I love getting into the community and supporting families who want to live a nourished life in many ways. All local events are in Iowa, but there are ways you can attend some virtually as well! See my upcoming events and their details below. 

Kombucha 101

Come join Kim to experience the entire kombucha fermentation process, sample several different flavors of home-brewed kombucha, and leave with all you'll need to get started brewing your own!

Screenshot 2024-04-20 184903.png

The Recipe (Ames, IA)

Apr. 23  |  6PM  |  livestream available

Fresh Spring Rolls

Join Kim in this hands-on course, a journey through making a classic healthy snack or meal: spring rolls! Kim will highlight several fresh ingredients and methods to crafting delicious rolls, as well as traditional sauces to pair with them.

May 7  |  6PM  |  livestream available

The Recipe (Ames, IA)

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Kids: Spaghetti and Meatballs

The Recipe (Ames, IA)

May 28  |  6PM  |  livestream available

Your young chef will roll up their sleeves, throw on an apron, and learn the intricacies of crafting homemade pasta noodles, meatballs, and sauce - from scratch! We'll teach them the basics of kitchen safety, food safety and hygiene, and most importantly: how to make Spaghetti and Meatballs!

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Kimchi 101

As a terrific food for anyone looking to improve gut health, kimchi is one of the oldest fermented foods in the world and arguably one of the tastiest! Join a local dietitian in the kitchen to make this Korean side dish, and learn about the enormous nutritional benefits it can provide you! 

June 2  |  2PM  |  in-person only

Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)


Vegan Summer Salads

Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)

June 26  |  5:30PM  |  in-person only

Join a local dietitian for a vegan-friendly class focused on using in-season fresh produce in unique ways! We’ll make 3 salads you’ve likely never had before and learn the magic of constructing your own original salads. 


Kids: Chopped Competition

Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)

July 11  |  5:30PM  |  in-person only

Help your child spark their interest in health and nutrition through a little healthy competition! Kids will split into 2 groups, tasked with the challenge of creating a tasty dish from random ingredients. Dishes will be judged by Wheatsfield staff and a small prize will be awarded to the winning team!


Nutrition for Parents:
Feeding your Toddler

Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)

July 14 |  2PM  |  in-person only

Join a local dietitian and learn about the nutrition priorities for your toddler. We will discuss shopping and cooking for your young children, as well as the roles you play in developing your child's eating habits and relationship with food. 


Intro to Pickles and Fermentation

Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)

July 30  |  5:30PM  |  in-person only

Join a local dietitian as we explore the world of home vegetable fermentation. We will learn various methods of making your own fermented veggies and quick pickles at home and their nutrition benefits. You’ll get hands-on making your own pickle and take it home to watch the magic happen. 


Kids: In-Season Desserts

Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)

Aug 13  |  5:30PM  |  in-person only

Get your kids in the kitchen with this fun introduction to desserts using in-season produce! We’ll join a local dietitian and learn to make fun and nutritious desserts with fresh in-season produce.


Cooking with Eggplant

Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)

Aug 21  |  5:30PM  |  in-person only

Learn to prepare one of the most misunderstood vegetables, eggplant! Join a local dietitian as we utilize techniques from around the world to prepare eggplant in 3 tasty and unique ways. 

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