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Attend an Event!

I love getting into the community and supporting families who want to live a nourished life in many ways. All local events are in Iowa, but there are ways you can attend some virtually as well! See my upcoming events and their details below. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Introduction to Sushi

In this in-depth, hands-on class we'll go beyond the basic maki roll and explore several sushi types. Come ready to get creative and mix and match different fillings, toppings, and sauces to elevate your sushi-making skills and knock the socks off any party guests.

The Recipe (Ames, IA)

Feb. 22  |  6PM  |  livestream available

Introduction to Kimchi

As a terrific food for anyone looking to improve gut health, kimchi is one of the oldest fermented foods in the world and arguably one of the tastiest! Join a local dietitian in the kitchen to make this Korean side dish, and learn about the enormous nutritional benefits it can provide you! 


Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)

March 3  |  2PM  |  in-person only

Kids: Lumpia (Filipino Egg Rolls)

Wheatsfield Coop (Ames, IA)

March 24  |  1PM  |  in-person only

Get your kiddo in the kitchen with this unique introduction to the Filipino snack, lumpia, similar to an eggroll! Learning to cook is an important skill for any child to develop and a critical part of developing a good relationship with food - and making fun cultural foods is a great place to start! We will make 2 versions of lumpia, a savory one with vegetables and a sweet one with fruit!

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